Culture Change and Staff Development

Coaching – To develop people’s ability to deliver the task at hand.

Mentoring – To develop a person’s all round ability and to enhance their career.

Both coaching and mentoring require a long-term commitment to the process by the coach/mentor as well as the “trainee” and this is particularly true in a mentoring situation. Vee Solutions staff have developed long-term relationships with trainees that have endured long after the formal engagement has been completed leading to enhanced staff performance and hence benefits to the clients. This a particular strength of the Vee Solutions mentoring philosophy which brings long-term improvements for clients.

Developing and deploying process improvement capabilities.

Designing and delivering bespoke workshops – to achieve specific business objectives as well as improving peoples capability and knowledge. Examples include programme planning workshops, process definition workshops, foresighting workshops.

Planning and delivering specific training modules – on Project Management, Systems Engineering, R&D Management, Innovation and process improvement.