EVM readiness review & IBR

Client – Global Civil Aircraft Manufacturer – France


Brief – support a global aerospace company to assess the Earned Value Management (EVM) capability of a major civil aircraft development project by: (1) Carrying out an EVM Readiness Review; (2) Conducting an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR); (3) Developing an EVM Implementation Strategy for the project.


Contribution – The client project was headquartered in France with remote sites in Germany, UK and Spain. The team was therefore based in France.  Vee Solutions’ on-site contribution was to:


  • Contribute to the EVM Readiness Review by interviewing client staff, particularly in the areas of systems engineering management, requirements management, and configuration control;
  • Assessing the EVM Readiness of the programme against the internationally recognised ANSI 748 standard;
  • Reviewing project materials to form a view of the IBR status of the project.

Vincent’s ability to speak fluent French proved to be a major asset during this on- site based phase.


At the end of the on-site phase a substantial write-up activity took place back in the UK.  Vee Solutions contributed by generating an EVM Implementation Strategy presentation for delivery to the client.  This presentation articulated the findings of the EVM Readiness and IBR activities and identified barriers to EVM implementation together with describing how these might be overcome.


Outcome – The project team identified some issues with the EVM readiness of the client project.

The feedback to the client was presented in a very factual manner with key findings and suggested corrective actions defined.  At the time of writing the ultimate client is reviewing options for moving forward.