Interim Engineering Director

Client – Ultra Electronics PMES, Rugeley


Brief – Under the leadership of a new Managing Director, PMES implemented an internal reorganisation that brought together four previous business units into a merged management structure.  Integral to this change, a single Engineering Directorate was formed from the previously separate, business unit based, engineering groups.


The brief was to bring together the four disparate engineering groups and to build a new coherent Engineering structure that delivered high quality resources to the business’ major development projects.


Contribution – Working collaboratively with PMES staff Vee Solutions led and facilitated an off-site route-mapping workshop.  This identified the key issues facing the newly created engineering function and developed an Engineering Route Map that defined the broad strategic thrusts required to resolve them.


The issues were prioritised with the Engineering Managers and categorised under People, Process and Infrastructure headings.  A broad-brush timescale for solution implementation was defined.


The Engineering Managers individually championed the definition and roll out of specific initiatives relating to the issues.


Outcome – In the course of the interim assignment a number of initiatives were launched and reached fruition within the assignment timescales.  Those of longer time horizon were allocated to individual Engineering Managers to drive to a conclusion.


The engineering team were more integrated and focussed as a result of working more closely together on common issues.  Specific processes launched, promulgated and in place included: Resource demand forecasting; Redefined and simplified Design Reviews; Investment analysis scheme for company funded (PV) R&D projects;  Electrical Safe Working policy and procedure.