Transformation Solution Assurance

Client – Defence equipment supplier


Brief – This defence equipment client was undertaking a significant business transformation programme to improve the performance of a wide-ranging business critical support function.  The transformation was being supported by a major consultancy who were providing both management and implementation resource to determine the current position and desired end state solution.  The end state solution was to cover the people, process and data & technology aspects of running the support function and delivering its business requirements.


The brief was to provide “as elbow” support to a senior manager who was tasked with defining the how the end state solution was to be assured.


Contribution – Vee Solutions provided expertise in solution assurance.


Given that the client was a defence equipment supplier, and was well used to developing and assuring complex equipments, a solution assurance approach based upon tried and tested engineering assurance methods was used.


Progressive Assurance, whereby the assurance artefacts are developed throughout the lifecycle of the transformation programme, was adopted.  A key component of the selected progressive assurance methodology was to capture and validate a set of high-level requirements for the business transformation – in the event requirements that were captured were both high-level and more detailed.  The validated requirements were ready for business approval.


Outcome – An Assurance Management Plan that covered all aspects of the transformation solution assurance was delivered, together with a validated set of business transformation requirements.


The business is well placed to move forward with assuring the outcomes of the transformation programme.