Thales – Innovation culture workshop

“Working with Vincent has been stimulating, enjoyable and productive and his contribution to the development of our culture of innovation is of great value for our Futures.”

Roger Ingle, Technical Director Security and Consulting

Meggitt – Project and risk management training

“My experience with Dr. Considine has provided me with a clear conscience and confidence to highly recommend him as an expert in his field.”

Toni Malek, Vice President of Programs

Meggitt – Group Lifecycle Manager

“I was extremely impressed by Vincent’s knowledge, patience, persistence, and professionalism as we all worked together as a team to achieve success in the implementation of PLM.”

Jerry Husband, Director of Programs

Marshall – Aerospace -Bid Manager

“I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Considine to anyone who requires assistance in the fields of Project Management, Change Management and Risk Management.”

Philip Windred, Managing Director

OTC Optima – A400M EVM Implementation

“Vincent’s previous experience of complex development programmes proved invaluable in ensuring that the project addressed the right priorities and key stakeholder interests at the right time as the project progressed.”

Robert A. Fern, Managing Director

ULTRA PMES Interim Engineering Director

“I found Vincent to be a very good colleague to work with and I valued his open and honest opinions at a time when I was establishing myself within the PMES organisation.”

Norman Thompson, Operations Director

THALES – Interim Head of Programme Management Support

“He has a broad working knowledge base in many areas which were key to this role here as Head of Programme Support including CMMI, EVM, Risk Management, Programme Management Development and Maturity methods.”

Jeff McGee, Head of Programme Management Support

Thales JMcG Testimonial

THALES – Defence Communications Project Bid

“I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone for a similar role, and would do so again myself, should the circumstances arise again.”

Colin Robinson, Director, defence Tactical Communications, Thales Land & Joint Systems

QinetiQ – CMMI Programme Consultant

“He worked very collaboratively with the C&IS CMMI project team members and challenged and shaped their thinking enabling them to identify key influencers within the project. Overall his contribution has had a significant impact particularly during the formulation and early stages of the programme.”

Martin Pocock, Project Group Manager, C & IS Division

THALES – T45 FICS Programme Mentor and EVM Coach

“Throughout his involvement with the T45 FICS Team, Vincent was a valuable contributor to all of the activities with which he became involved and was held in high regard by both the programme team and senior management.”

David Preece, Programme Manager, T45 FICS

“Using a clear coaching style, he supported the programme team transferring his experience in both programme methods, such as Earned Value, but also, more importantly, growing the personal leadership qualities of the Programme Manager and his deputy.”

Kevin Rooney, Director, Naval & Air

THALES – CMMI Programme Consultant

“Vincent’s leadership in the recovery of this project over the past few months has reinvigorated the organisation and provided a solid foundation for us moving forward”.

Paul Watson, Business Executive, Joint Systems

THALES – Interim Operations Executive

“During this final phase Vincent has generated enough respect that he is able to contribute on wider strategic and team-building activities – to generate this position within the constraints of an interim position is a testament in itself. The team and I would like to thank Vincent – we shall miss him.”

Greg Roberts, Managing Director, Joint Systems

London South Bank University – Technology Exploitation Plan

“The outcome is that we now have an excellent business case with which to seek further funding and we have a clear idea of the market prioritisation that we should adopt”.

Professor Neil Alford, Pro Dean of Research, London South Bank University

MIRA Ltd – Using Foresighting to Inform Business and Research Strategy 

“To all of his activities, Vincent brought leadership and a clear analytical approach basing his, and the corporate decisions, on sound facts”.

John R. Wood, Managing Director, MIRA Ltd