How we work with you

Vee Solutions’ philosophy is to work with clients to leave a lasting legacy. Many consultancies seek to build a dependency on the part of their clients in order to secure future business – Vee Solutions seek to mentor and coach clients so that they are self-sustaining when the task is complete. If we do a good job we would like to be invited back to support on a different assignment!

Vee Solutions recognises that consultants and interim managers are frequently engaged to deal with a specific, often difficult, issue. All assignments are handled with sensitivity and tact, especially in the initial stages.

Ways of Working

Vee Solutions works with clients in ways that suit your requirements including:

  • Consultancy – providing analysis, advice, and a plan, leaving you free to deliver how you choose…
  • Interim Management – accountable for delivery of a strategy leading your staff, at your site.
  • Embedded – built into a team as a specialist contributor to your project.

Engagement Process

  • Initial discussion – to gather information on your needs
  • Proposal – to say explicitly how we interpret your needs and how Vee Solutions proposes to work with you, how we will deliver benefits to you, in what timescale and at what cost.
  • Engagement – agreeing a contract with you and starting work. Rapid deployment is frequently a key customer requirement and Vee Solutions have previously supported customers at two days notice.
  • Delivery – covers a huge spectrum from occasional consultancy on an as required basis through to several months contribution located on your site.
  • Post delivery review and feedback – When we do well we would like you to tell everybody in a testimonial.