Technology development project delivery is critical and despite the fact that the outcome of a research project cannot be certain, clear management control must be employed.

R&D is the engine that drives innovation and is the source of the intellectual property that is finally exploited. Vee Solutions has extensive experience of R&D management in the industrial, defence and automotive sectors as well as in more academic environments. This deep understanding of the people and processes involved in R&D helps clients achieve their business case objectives. Research & Development

Systems Engineering

In today’s complex product environment engineering of the total system is far from simple. The rigour of Systems Engineering is necessary to achieve balanced, integrated products that are fit for purpose. Capitalising upon a long track record in Systems Engineering Management enables clients to develop coherent solutions to their customers needs.

Technology Creation

Technology is a key tangible output from the Innovation Cycle and is frequently the outcome of a R&D programme. Technology creation is carried out using projects and all of the normal disciplines of project management are applicable, particularly a clear focus on outcomes.

Define Exploitation Pathways

Technology is of little use if it cannot be exploited and pathways to exploitation need to be established. These can include directly exploiting the outcome as well as selling and licensing technology.

Delivery is imperative since exploitation relies upon having a tangible output from the R&D programme. Vee Solutions’ considerable experience in R&D can help you drive your research to delivery and realise the benefits of your investment more quickly and at lower cost.