Systems and Engineering Management

Management Assessment – A proven track record in assessing the Systems Engineering aspects of high technology projects, particularly those with a strong development component.

CMMI Programme Management – Supporting programmes to gain CMMI accreditation, either directly in a leadership role or behind the scenes in a coaching / mentoring role.

Design Review – Ensuring that the process has been followed and that the work product outputs are fit for purpose and meet the specification.

Bids & Proposals – providing SE expertise to enrich your bid.


Engineering Process Development & Improvement – assessing Engineering processes and developing & improving them to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in a specific business context.  Examples include:

  • Resource demand prediction and resource planning & allocation;
  • Design Review processes and checklist development;
  • Investment appraisal and engineering business case development;
  • Defining and implementing training and development schemes;
  • Defining and implementing Engineering staff career structures.