Project & Risk Management Training

Client – Various industrial and academic organisations


Brief – Deliver project and / or risk management training tailored to the requirements of the business or the university – exploiting a long track record as a project management practitioner to transfer knowledge.


Contribution – Modules that have been previously developed are tailored / customized to the needs of the organization.


The modules are highly interactive with the students / trainees working in teams of 2-3 people to develop a project plan for their own example project. A typical syllabus for the Introduction to Project Management modules is:


  • Project mission
  • Project objectives
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Duration, resource, cost (DRC)
  • Network diagram
  • Gantt chart
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring & control


Outcome – Students a/ trainees in companies and universities have benefited from the trainer’s extensive experience, both of project management, and also of delivering the lectures to large audiences of students. The lively and interactive style encourages students to engage and ask questions, which benefits their learning experience.


The students also gain through their discussion and interaction in small teams.


A key point of the sessions is that there is frequently no single right answer.  This is particularly valuable for engineering students who are often used to the existence of an exact answer.