T45 FICS Programme Mentor & EVM Coach

Client – Thales Communications Operating Unit, Crawley, West Sussex.


Brief – The Type 45 Fully Integrated Communications System (FICS) batch 2 programme  conducted an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) readiness review four months into the programme.  The Readiness Review revealed significant issues with the team’s understanding of Earned Value Management (EVM) and the quality of the project Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).  Vee Solutions was asked to support the new Programme Manager and the team, in a mentoring and coaching capacity.


Contribution – Dr. Considine worked with the T45 FICS team to refine the Performance Measurement Baseline.  He coached and mentored programme staff on EV Management.  A major component was leading a team of facilitators enabling a four-day planning workshop that engaged the programme team including the Control Account Managers (CAMs) and Work Package Managers (WPMs) in:


  • Validating the Contract Statement of Work (SoW); the WBS, the Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS) and the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM);
  • Defining all Work Packages (WPs) including their inputs, outputs and dependencies;
  • Developing the network and schedule to CA and WP level, including full resourcing;
  • Identifying and analyzing WP risks including their probability and impact.


Vee Solutions supported the team in defining the T45 FICS programme PMB and presenting the PMB to the business and programme directors.


An EVM based project control system was developed by the team and an EV data monitoring system was generated to provide monthly management reporting.


Outcome – The planning workshop was widely acknowledged as a success and has been held up as best practice within the organization and the concept is being rolled out to other programmes.


The T45 FICS Performance Measurement Baseline was delivered in time and the formal Readiness Review found the PMB to be of such a high standard that it was recommended that the scheduled IBR be omitted and the programme move directly to Demonstration Review.


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