CMMI Implementation Programme Leader

Customer – Thales, Land & Joint Systems Business Unit, Wells, Somerset


Brief – The customer had an ongoing project pursuing CMMI Level 3 accreditation and which had a major project milestone to meet within two months.  The milestone was to conduct an external CMMI appraisal to determine the state of readiness of the business.  The business needed additional leadership support to drive the recovery of the project back to plan.


Contribution – Engaged strongly with the corporate Process Improvement team, the local CMMI implementation project team and the engineers and managers who needed to deliver the business process improvements in order to get Level 3 accreditation.  Supported and enabled the various staff members to meet the project milestone.  Facilitated and led successful workshops aimed at improving staff capability in developing and deploying programme management and engineering processes.


Outcome – The CMMI appraisal was performed in a very positive and constructive manner and successes and learning opportunities identified.  Provided senior management focus and re-energised the CMMI programme.


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